TripleAFund Introduction

triple a fund introduction

3afundHello, my name is Marian Hlinka. I am behind TripleAFund trading account on social investment network eToro.
I have been learning and trading forex trading for almost 10 years.

When I opened TripleAFund account, my idea was to create a copy portfolio. So I found couple of eToro traders and started to copy their trading activity. I was actively managing the portfolio, sometimes replaced one copy trader with another one.

But soon I realized, that it was not the way I wanted to continue. I wanted to manage TripleAFund myself, so I removed all copy traders and started to trade myself.

So what you can expect from TripleAFund?

Well, I know that many people are attracted to eToro because they think they can double or triple their money in one year or even sooner. Yes, youu can find many high risk traders on eToro who can double your hard earned cash very quickly. But their risk is so high, that one day you can wake, look at your portfolio and you´ll see no money there.

This is not the way I work. I am here for long term profits.  My risk is set very low, I am looking for a high probability trading opportunities.

I cannot promise you high profits. Where I aim is to provide you low risk investment opportunity with targeted profits somewhere between 5-15% p.a.

Capital protection is very important for me.

Note: Altough I try very hard not to take big risks, forex and stock trading bear risk, so do not invest any money you cannot afford to lose. Invest wisely.