Trading Ethereum gained me some nice profits

Wow…time is running so fast.

It already has been 4 months simce I posted last post about my trading account TripleAFund on eToro. So let´s take a look what´s new about my trading.

Here are mu current performance stats


Last year 2016 were looking great, but October and November did not finish in green numbers and so my overall yearly profit was only 1,88%. Not much but I am glad it was a profitable year.

But take a look how 2017 started 🙂

I am already up 9,76% . Big profit secured from my last Ethereum trade. For those who don´t know: Ethereum is another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Etoro recently added it for trading. Just look at its chart and recent volatility.

ethereum trading chart

I opened my trade when Ethereum price was around 17, in just few days the price jumped above 50, so I moved m stoploss to 40, but yesterdays volatility hit my StopLoss.

Anyway, my invested amount more than doubled 🙂

So that´s it for today…I am really curious what next months have for me.

Happy trading to all of you

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