One negative month and over 50% copiers is gone

dont panicMy last update about my eToro investing & trading portfolio TripleAFund was on a very positive note when I reached 1,000 followers mark. That was back in august and since then number of my followers (people monitoring my trading activity) has risen to 1,462 which is a great news.

However, I am little bit dissapointed by loyalty of my copiers. I already used to have 20 copiers, but now I only have 8.  I do not know what made 12 copiers leave.  Maybe it was my last month trading performance which ended in red numbers.

trading performance tripleafund nov 2016
As you can see, october ended with 2,56% floating loss. However, now I have already covered that and it seems that I could close this year in nice profit.

I would like to remind all of my current or potential copiers that a single month results have no impact on my long term trading. So I cannot see any reason for panic. If you will uncopy traders everytime there is a sign of loss, you will loose a lot of money. Those october trades were open. They were not closed in loss. There was only a small -2,56% drawdown. If you check my trading history you will see that majority of those trades were closed in green after all. 😉