SkyWay vs. Hyperloop / Yunitskiy vs. Musk

30 years ago, the author of SkyWay transport studied all possible options of suspension for the string transport system: magnetic and air cushions, a steel wheel, a pneumatic tyre, an electric field.

A thorough preliminary analysis showed that the most optimal variant for a high-speed traffic is a steel wheel. It is widely accepted in the world practice to do things in contrast to a logical plan of actions (“first think – then do”).

So, Elon Musk admitted in a recent interview: “What would I change in the initial project? If someone re-started the implementation of the Hyperloop project, I would advocate starting with the simplest useful system. I would probably advocate wheels.”

The author of the SkyWay string technologies Anatoly Yunitskiy commented on the statement of the Hyperloop′s “father” Elon Musk. In this new release you will also find out how the use of a magnetic cushion would affect the cost of construction and rolling stock operation, as the use of a magnetic field would affect the efficiency and cost of a route itself, as well as much more.

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