SkyWay, Investing Opportunity for 2017?

Recently I came across  very interesting new investing opportunity  Sky Way. It is a new unique transportation technology that can change the world in this millenium. In short, it is a new elevated transportation system where rolling speed can reach up to 500km/h.


This new transportation system is going to get certified very soon. Companies and countries all over the world are so exited about it that there are already many pre-orders worth billions from all over the world.

Here you can see some of biggest pre-orders

sky way preorders


I have to admit  that I am very excited about this new transportation system. I believe that SkyWay has a huge potential.  That is why I decided to invest some money to see how it goes.

Did you miss buying shares of Google, Facebook or Apple when they very worth couple of cents? SkyWay might become your second chance.

Here is just a small example:

In 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded Apple corporation. Two weeks after the founding of the corporation Ron Wayne doubted the success of the company and sold its 10% stake for 800. Now, these shares are worth more than 50 billion.

How much you could earn with SkyWay?

This company is not traded on stock market yet, that is why its shares are ultra cheap. But once there will be IPO, your shares might skyrocket. To get a brief idea about your potential profits, check the screenshot below where you can compare this investing opportunity with other convential investments.

skyway profit
Should you invest in Sky Way?

My personal opinion is that SkyWay might become a very strong company. Altough some people think that it is a ponzi scheme, I do not think so. They have a real product, company leaders present themselves on public, they visit huge international exhibitions. Besides that, the company is in process of building their EcoTechnoPark for testing and certification purposes. Just chcek the video below:

Personally, I invested some money. Learn more about SkyWay project and if you like it, buy some shares. But my advice is not to risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

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