SkyWay Affiliate Program


About one month ago I have found a new interesting investing opportunity in new string transportation system SkyWay (read my article) . I liked the project so I invested some money in it. But that is another story.

I also like that there exists SkyWay affiliate program too.  Project SkyWay uses crowd funding so you can earn your commissions by introducing new investors. I think the project is fantastic and so I do not have any problem to speak about it to my friends or to promote it on Internet. Thus I believe that you´ll like it too and would like to participate on it. Finally, who wouldn´t like to travel faster, safer and even cheaper?

How it works?

Become partner (bty, you´ll receive 20 shares for free). Learn as much as you can about the project so you can share informations with potential investors or partners.
After that you are ready to start promoting SkyWay project on your website, social networks, offline or other ways. For every new investor you refer you´ll receive 15% commissions.
For example you refer John and he invests $1,000. Your commission will be $150. There is also 2nd level where you earn 7%. So if John refers Mary, he gets 15% and you will have 7% commission.

I think that SkyWay affiliate program is a very interesting way to earn some additional income and also support a valuable project that can change future of transportation.

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