Opening of the Museum of String Transport

skyway museum

Opening of the Museum of String Transport will be held during the second EcoFest on July 1, 2017. The major part of the exhibition will be represented by the exhibits from different stage of SkyWay development. Special place will be occupied by the names of the investors who made EcoTechnoPark construction possible.

The signs with the names of the investors, added to special register, are being created and will become the most valuable and the main part of exposition for the creators of the Museum. The elements of history are important, but the present time is much more important in the sphere of innovations, as history becomes a faded recollection without it.

The sizes of the signs correspond to the contribution made by an investor: those who invested more would get bigger letters, those who invested less would receive the more delicate letters. But what the most important: nobody will be forgotten, so all investors will take their place in the history of world innovations.
It had been mentioned before, that only the names of those who made their contribution before the zero kilometer will be added to the Museum of String Transport. However, we would like to give this opportunity to everyone. That’s why the names of those who made investments before April 16, 2017, will be immortalized in the Museum of String Transport.

This date is chosen on purpose, as April 1 is the birthday of SkyWay general designer. Due to his will, investing in the development of this breakthrough technology is possible for everyone. It’s Anatoly Yunitskiy’s will that determines the development strategy for the group of companies during its lifetime. For example, due to Yunitskiy’s decision, SkyWay has never performed additional emission of pre-IPO equity shares, which would devaluate the packages purchased before as it was done by Zuckerberg, who just “dissolved” his partners by issuing new shares. As the result of decisions and steps of the general designer, the company is developing confidently. Extension of investment term for those who want to write their names into history is one of these steps.

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