New Wee Cashback Card means Cash instead of poinst

Everybody likes to save some money while shopping. That is why merchants offer us their loyalty cards that can be used to collect points to get some discounts later.

That is great, however, I already have so many loyalty cards that I cannot store them in my wallet. How about you?
Obviously you can solve this problem with a useful mobile app where you can scan all your cards so when you go shopping you simply show your card code from your handy.

However, here comes a new WEE card. You might spot it in TV commercial. This card is unique because instead of loyalty points you get real cash.

Every merchant registered in Wee system offers discounts between 2 and 10%. This cash is added to your Wee card. From there you can either request a withdrawal to your personal bank account or you use your Wee cash to pay for your next shopping.

There is also Wee mobile app where you can display nearest wee merchants to your GPS position.

Another benefit of this card is that you can use it to shop in many european countries and also online.

I think that thanks to a huge TV campaigns across Europe number of clients and merchants will grow very fast. If you like this idea, simply get your new card at, or use the following QR code.


I have personally signed up for this card recently, so I plan to put it in a test. Soon I will post new articles about my wee experiences. You can find all articles here.

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