5 Richest Forex Traders Of All Time

Every person interested in forex trading is bombarded all the time with promises of getting rich by trading forex. So it is no surprise that people are interested who richest forex traders are.

To answer your question and question of many other traders we have decided to present you this short video in which you will finally get to know 5 richest forex traders in the world.

5 richest forex traders featured in this video are:

1) Bill Lipschutz

This forex trader was born in New York, always loved mathematics, was a bright student and is well known for making over $300 million in single year from trading forex market alone!

2) George Soros

Probably the most know forex trader who was able to make $1 billion in one day and in one single transaction!
He was labeled “the man who broke the Bank of England”

3) John R. Taylor Jr.

graduated on Princton University and worked as political analyst for Chemical Bank. He is also considered a pioneer of computer – aided forex trading systems.

4) Stanley Druckenmiller

He contributed to $1 billion deal (known as broke the bank of England) with George Soros.

5) Andrew Krieger

ended up garnering $300 million from transactions in 1987 when sold New Zealand currency in between the value of $600 million to $1 billion which was more money than supply in circulation within New Zealand.  He was  working at the Bunkers Trust.