Invest in CopyFunds – New Investing Product

eToro has been one of the most innovative social investing networks lately. And it is no surprise that they have just launched their new interesting investing product called CopyFunds.
The idea behind it is to provide eToro members and investors a cool diversification tool. From now on, they do not have to manually search and create their own copy portfolio. Instead they can choose from pre-selected portfolios. It also helps them to lower their long term risk and find new investing opportunities for their goals.

Once you invest in any CopyFund you can be sure that its portfolio is professionally managed by eToro´s committe. It is also automatically rebalanced to maximize returns for investors.

To give you idea about new CopyFunds here are few examples:

copyfundsCopyFund Active Traders

This fund consists of large number of frequent and stable traders who are likely to achieve best risk/reward ration in the next quarter.
The CopyFund´s algorithm reinforces a tight stop loss and rebalancing frequently.




This CopyFund select up to 50 best and reliable traders and allocating trading capital evenly among them.

If any of them shows signs of high fluctuations, etoro´s algorithm removes him from the portfolio and replace him with another trader at the next rebalancing event.



This investing fund contains top 10 popular investors who gained most copiers very fast. Their risk score is limited to level 7. This CopyFund rebalance each month in order remove and add new gurus.

The fund is created and actively managed by eToro´s investment committee.



If you think that big banks of this world can increase their value you should consider investing in CopyFund called TheBigBanks. This fund diversifies your portfolio by investing in selection of banks, financial institutions and services.

The portfolio is periodically rebalanced.



Who has time to monitor all the stocks and indices? This CopyFund provides a huge and wide portfolio of stocks and markets.
It is like investing in all of the biggest stocks from biggest economics of the world in a single click of the button. As with all CopyFunds, this portfolio is also periodically rebalanced.


Login to your eToro account to check all CopyFunds or even suggest one that would suit your investing taste.

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