SkyWay Investing: Can I Turn $200 Into $2 Million In Couple Of Years?

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Many potential investors wonder what are earning possibilities of SkyWay opportunity.

Well, that depends if you invest now or couple of years later.

Some time ago when nobody knew anything about SkyWay, shares were available with 300 discount. Currently, when systems are about to undergo certification process, you can buy pre-IPO shares with 100 discount. Closer to realization of first SkyWay rail, discount will be lower and lower. After IPO there will be no discount at all.

What is this discount?

Let´s say you invest $200 with 100 discount. In this case you get 20,000 pre-IPO SkyWay shares.

After some time when SkyWay shares will trade publicaly and stock price will be $1/share your 20,000 shares will be worth $20,000. Remember that you invested only $200.

After some more time,  price of SkyWay shares might go up to $10/share.  Your pack of 20,000 shares will now be worth $200,000!

What if SkyWay stock will be worth $100? Nothing unusual for successful companies. In that case your $200 initial investment would be worth exactly $2 million dollars!!!

What a return on investment 🙂

But if you hesitate and wait, skyway discount will be lower and lower. In couple of months it might lower to 20. In that case for $200 investment you get “only” 4,000 pre-IPO shares. In future when stock price will be $1/share your investment will be worth “only” $4,000. That is still outstanding ROI, but if you have bought with 100 discount you could earn 5 times more.

So no need to wait. Open your SkyWay account and buy few shares right now 😉

 P.S. Investing can bear risks, so invest only money you can afford to lose.

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