My experiences with investing to Recyclix

recyclix experiences

It was back in March when I came across a polish company Recyclix . I liked their investing project, company vision, affiliate program and also interesting passive income investing opportunity.

But before I decided to invest any of my “hard earned cash” I did my homework, browsed internet discussion to see if there are any successful investors who get paid. Finally, I found one Facebook group where I could find real Recyclix investors.

They assured me that Recyclix is a real investing opportunity and so I decided to start with a small investment. I did put only €100 in to taste the waters and see how the system works.

But soon I realized that this could be my top investment opportunity for 2016 and i added more money to my investment balance.

So my total investment in recyclix is €1,000.

My strategy is simple? no reinvesting before I get all original investment back.


So how am I doing so far?

I have to admit that my Recyclix experiences are very positive so far. Every 2 weeks I get paid. I realized 7 withdrawals up to date. Payments are processed fast. It takes 2-3 days and my profits are on my bank account. (Payment Proof)

Altough I do not have my principal back yet, if it continues the same way, in couple of months I will have my original investment repaid and then I can start reinvest my profits, so I can earn even more.

Would I recommend Recyclix?

Absolutely yes! For now. The company is opening new factories and offices in other countries. So their future looks good. There are no signs they should not be paying.

So if you are looking for a new exciting investment opportunity for 2016, Recyclix could be the right choice.

Note: As with any other investments, do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. Recyclix is paying these days, but who knows, tomorrow, everything can be different.