Crypto give-away bonanza at this year’s Web Summit

etoro wallet

Attendees at Europe’s largest tech event not only have the chance to enjoy four days of
inspiring talks, shared insights, and new connections, they can also go home with free crypto.
This year’s Web Summit conference sees over 69,000 attendees from 159 countries gathered in
Lisbon to hear over 1,200 speakers. With 1,800 start-ups, 1,500 tech investors and 2,600
media in attendance, it is perhaps no surprise that crypto companies are taking the opportunity
to make their mark at the event.

On stage at Web Summit, Blockchain, one of the world’s leading crypto wallets, announced that
they have partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation to give away $125 million worth of
Stellar lumens (XLM). Positioned as an ‘airdrop’, anyone signing up to the wait list will receive
about $25 worth of lumens. The offer is open to anyone with a Blockchain wallet and the first
batch of recipients will receive their lumens later this week.

Blockchain are not alone in wanting to share the free crypto love. Global, multi-asset investmentplatform eToro announced the roll out of their highly anticipated crypto wallet. At launch, users
will be able to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin in their eToroX wallet. eToro
have said that additional functionality is coming soon including more coins, fiat tokens, crypto to
crypto conversion, the ability to deposit fiat, payment in store and more. The first 100,000
people to download the new eToroX wallet will receive 0.1 Ethereum free which today equates
to $21., the digital currency platform, are also giving away cards containing free Bitcoin Cash
(BCH) when you visit their stand and download their wallet. The cards contain 0.0030 BCH,
approximately $2. Designed to promote the adoption of crypto,’s stand provides
everything a novice needs to know to start their crypto journey including help setting up a wallet
and a quiz.

Echoing’s focus on educating newcomers to crypto, Bitstamp, the crypto exchange,
have launched a quiz – #cryptomyths – to help people separate the myths from reality in order to
understand what to trade. Participants earn a starting bonus fee of $10 applicable when they
make their first trade on the exchange.

While critics of crypto will doubtless label these initiatives as marketing ploys, these give-aways
serve to raise awareness of crypto and drive adoption. Who wouldn’t want some free crypto!