Most Common Poker Leaks Fix

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Every player has his own common poker leaks and mistakes that cost him money. A bad poker player will do nothing about them but a good and profitable poker player will learn from them and fix them so his winning rate can go higher.

In this article I would like to present you couple of the most common poker leaks and will show you how you can easily fix them or other possibly costly poker mistakes that suck money out of your bankroll.

Common poker leaks #1: Folding too often out of blinds

Defending your blinds is very important these days because there are increasing number of poker players who will raise your big blind from their small blind with any two cards just to steal your BB.

Of course you can see this much less in micro or low stakes levels but if you go up to NL200 you will experience this more often because a player who is not raising from small bling against tight defender is actually burning money.

Let´s do a little math and percentages to put this common poker leak to a perspective.

Most players fold from SB 75-80% of times and 70% from BB but when they should 3-bet and steal BB from someone else they raise only about 50% of their range.  That is not a profitable scenario, actually they should be doing that other way round.

If your opponent is opening any two cards from his small blind you should be playing at least 60% of your hands and 3-betting a lot because you have a position which is a great advantage. Also when you will be 3- betting your opponents will fold often because if they open for example with 4-5 offsuit it will be very hard for them to call your 3 bet.

If the villain is keen to folding your 3 bets I would even raise with offsuit cards. If he do not folds to your 3 bets do not be afraid to re-raise him because very often you will dominate his calling range with higher pairs like Ax, Kx or Qx.

Common poker leaks #2: Opening too loose from EP

You might already be aware of this very common poker mistake but many poker players abuse this rule even if they know it will cost them a lot of money.

Opening from EP can be sometimes benefitial if player on BB will call you with tons of weaker holdings. But in general playing too loose from EP will left you undefended against 3-bet bluffers from BTN because you will need a good reads to know that he is trying to bluff you with A4 offsuit.

Or you will simply have to make it with him all the way to showdown which can be really expensive for you at the end.

Of course there are more common poker leaks that can cost you huge amount of money if you do not fix them.

How to Fix your  Leaks?

Before you apply any fixes you first need to address your poker leaks. To do so you need to analyze your playing performance and statistics.

If you want to have as better analysis as possible it is neccessary to have a relevant data. I mean that it is not enough to analyze one or two weeks of playing or couple of hundreds hands you played recently. To see how you are doing in reality you need to analyze at least couple of thousand hands you played. Only then you will see where your money leaks.

Doing such a huge analysis manually is almost impossible, therefore it is wise to use HUD software that will automatically track your poker performance and which will highlight your strong and weak areas.

Once you will know what your poker leaks are it will be easy to fix them.

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