Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Poker Players Make

biggest mistakes poker players make

What are biggest mistakes poker players make? (watch video below)

Everyone of us would love to improve their poker game and play like a pro to earn as much money as possible, right?
Well, to get your game to the top level you first need to avoid all biggest mistakes poker players make.

Sometimes when you watch the top poker players in the world it looks like their game is on a different level and the rest of us cannot even think about comparing with them.

Just think about Daniel Negreanu´s incredible reads, insane bluffs only Tom Dwan can pull off or about ElkY making his hero calls that none of us would not consider for even a second.

However, don´t be fooled becauset even the very best poker pros in the world sometimes can screw it up in a big way too.

Today we bring you a spectacular video created by PokerStars . In this video you can see  some of the most unbelievable mistakes found in the PokerStarsTV archives, featuring poker pros like Niall Farrel, former world champion Martin Jacobsen and, most famous of all, Hollywood superstar Jennifer Tilly.

This video will help you realize that biggest mistakes poker players make are not reserved for beginners only.  You will clearly see that even top of the top poker players makes them from time to time.
Knowing that will give you a courage to learn and improve so you can pursue your poker career and dream.

But to do so you first need to address your own mistakes you do most often. And here comes a very useful tool PokerTracker that can easily find your biggest mistakes and money leaks and help you to fix them. Download free trial.

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