Increase Your Chance Of Winning EuroMillions By 20x

Ever wanted to win huge in EuroMillions lottery? There are some good strategies to improve your odds of winning this popular lotto like playing in a lotto syndicate.  By the way, did you know that syndicates win more often?

Chance Of Winning EuroMillions

Anyway, let´s get back to topic of this article which is

How to increase your chance of winning EuroMillions by 20x

As i write this article EuroMillions €190 million jackpot has rolled over 4 times since reaching the jackpot cap! This means that the jackpot prize must be won in the upcoming draw or it will roll down and the entire prize will be split amongst the second division winners!

Imagine that, you do not even have to hit all numbers drawn to win this amazing €190 million jackpot!

In addition, this exciting game rule will also improve your chance of winning EuroMillions jackpot by X20 – from 1:139,838,160 to 1:6,991,908! I would say that is a massive improvement. What do you think?

As this is the highest the EuroMillions jackpot can go, all extra funds will be rolled down to the next highest prize division. So even if you don’t win the jackpot, you can still become a multi-millionaire by winning second, or even third place!

Guarantee your participation and you can make lottery history with this once-in-a-lifetime EuroMillions draw!

Best time to play EuroMillions lottery

Now when you know how to increase your chance of winning EuroMillions lotto you simply have to wait for similar opportunity and every time EuroMillions jackpot hits its cap and rollover 4 times buy as many tickets as you can because you´ll have 20 times better odds of winning.