How to Win Lotto? There is Easier Way to Get Rich

how to win lotto get rich

Millions of people wondering how to win lotto every day. They buy lottery tickets and hope to hit the big jackpot that will change their life forever.
Yes, it is true that there are lucky ones who really manage to scoop their jackpots, but they are minority.

Do you know what are your chances to win lottery?

Odds of winning US. Powerball Jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338
You have slightly better chances of winning Jackpot in popular pan european lotto EuroMillions: 1 in 139,838,160

But still…those are huge odds and you have to be a super lucky person to hit the correct numbers in your favourite lotto.

It is more likely you:

– get killed in car crash
– get killed in plane crash
– get hit by a lightning

So, what is the more likely way to get rich?

Better way to get rich is to start a new successful company. Your odds to do so are about 1:20. Pretty sure thing compared to winning a Jackpot.
Anyway, I suspect, people who are trying to find out how to win lotto are not so keen to start their new business 🙂

Therefore I offer you another way, which offers a much, much better odds of becoming rich than lottery.

How much money do you spend on your lotto tickets every month?

Let´s pretend it is 10 dollars, altough I know many of you spend much more. Every year you spend 120$. Now, imagine for a while that you would be able to invest this cash to Google´s stock back in time when it was worth 10 cents only. For your money, you would get 1,200 shares. Today, when I write this post, Google´s share is worth $942.

That means, your 1,200 shares would be worth: 1,200 x 942 which is $1,130,400 , in other words you´d be a millionaire!

Are you still thinking how to win lotto? I bet you´ve just started to consider other options too 😉

But how to find next Google?

Investing in stocks can make you rich if you are at the right place at the right time. The best way to do so is to invest in a promising start-up.

I have one great tip for you:

Have you ever heard of SkyWay? It is a new unique transportation system based on string technology. This company plans to build a high-speed (up to 500km/h) tracks. In time of writting this article, the company is in process of certification and soon they should start to realize their first projects. Skyway is financed by people from all over the world (crowdfunding). Even tough the company is not trading publicly, you can buy their pre-IPO shares discounted 100 times.

What does it mean?

I will show you one example.

If I invest 100 dollars today, I will get 10,000 pre-IPO shares. Closer the company is to their first project, lower discount you can get. After IPO ther will be no discounts.

With each new project, their shares will rise. Now, imagine that their after IPO shares are worth $1. Your shares will be worth $10,000. After some time, their price can rise to 50$. That woul mean your shares would be worth half million! And you invested only $100!

How high can the price go?

Nobody knows this. But when you consider that Google´s price is $942 and they are “only” selling advertising space, what do you think, how high can go shares of company that builds high-speed tracks, saves fuel and enviroment?

We will see.

For now, let´s assume their price will reach $100/share. In that case, your portfolio would be worth $1,000,000 dollars. I remind you that your initial investment was $100 only!

Are you still trying to find out how to win lotto?

Consider this: each year you spend $100 (or more) on your lottery tickets and there is higher chance you get stroke by lightning than that you win jackpot.

I think it is wiser to invest those money (or some of them) to something that has a high potential and better odds of making you rich.

Can I lose my money?

Of course you can. If this project is not success. However, buying lotto tickets is also a sure way to lose them.
IMHO, it is better to buy some shares than lotto tickets. What do you think?

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