21 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Lottery

lottery facts

What do people like Voltaire, Casanova, and the British Museum have in common? They all benefited from the lotto! Lottery history is  full of incredible, crazy facts and true stories. Let´s take a quick look at 21 of most incredible lottery facts from history and also our modern times.

1. Lotteries are much older than you think

No one can really say how old lotteries are but one of them can be tracked as far back as 100 B.C. in Ancient Rome and also in the Han Dynasty in China. This means that people have been plazing lotteries for at least 2,114 years!

2. Some lottery prizes are better left unclaimed

Many people would like to win huge Jackpots, but if you lived during Elagabalus’ reign as Emperor of the Roman Empire from 218 AD to 222 AD you´d better not play their lotto. There were public lotteries in which catapults were filled with lottery tickets and  also dangerous live, poisonous snakes, which were then catapulted into a crowd of people. Those people then fought to get their tickets while at the same time trying not to die from snake bites. Prizes included many good and expensive things like properties, but there were also tons of unlucky surprises like dead animals or even death sentences.

3. The Great Wall of China was built from lottery income

Keno is an ancient game which is a mix between lotto and bingo. This game was played during the Han Dynasty in China.  Revenue from that game was used to finance massive projects, including the Great Wall of China.

These were just first 3 incredible facts about history of lotteries. We still have 18 more to come. If you are curious to learn all crazy lottery facts read more