FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry

How works FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry video.

May be not everybody knows how much chemistry in FIFA 18 is important or how it actually works. Good chemistry can absolutely move your team up. But how really FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry works?

We want help you so we try to explain have to get good chemistry in your team. We have found video for you with some tips on chemistry. We hope you enjoy watching this video and maybe it will boost  your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry.

The most important things for great FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry is :

  • Yours players must be on correct position
  • Yours players should be from same country, football league or team. Is sufficient to make one condition but      it´s better to have two.
  • Have a suitable trainer.

To see more in video higher.

We want say there is 3 types of team chemistry:

  • First is Team chemistry:  This you can see on right upper corner. It´s rated from 0 to 100. The higher number then better for your team.
  • Next is Individual chemistry: It´s displayed under every card of player. It´s rated from 0 to 10 of each player in your team.
  • And the last is Overall chemistry: This you can´t see because it´s hidden number. So in short, It´s a combination of Team chemistry and Individual chemistry.

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