How to Trade Futures for a Living Video Tutorial

Today we are going to focus on a very popular question “How to trade futures for a living?” that is asked by many new or even experienced futures traders who would like to turn their hobby into a professional trading career.

Here is a very interesting video from Dan Hodgman, Performance Coach of TopStepTrader. Dan will teach you how to trade futures using settlement prices. You can be sure that this lesson will get you another step closer to your dream and will answer part of your initial question “How to trade futures for a living”.

By the way, did you know that TopStepTrader can give you a funded trading account up to $150k where you can trade futures risk free without risking your own money? And the best thing about this funded futures trading account is that you can keep first $5,000 from profits and after that 80% profits is yours to keep. What can be better?

But let´s get back to your initial question about futures trading. As I said, here is an excellent trading video from a pro futures coach so sit back, relax and learn as much as possible.