The Most Profitable Trading System In The World

What is the most profitable trading strategy on the world?

You may be really surprised.

No matter what you trade: stocks, commodities, forex market or anything else, stop looking for the holy grail.

There is a better way to make money from trading.

Imagine that you could be making money, for example on Forex market without opening a single trade.

Do you think it is impossible?

Not at all.

Let´s think a little bit about your current trading strategy. What return on investment it can give you?

10% p.a.?, 20% p.a.? or did you buy a magical trading system that can bring you 100% p.a. or even more?

Really? Do you believe that that anybody can double trading account year after year?

And what risks are involved? What maximum drawdown can you expect?

How about your emotions? Can you sustain losing streaks?

If you have been trading for a while you know what I am talking about.

Simply said, trading is not easy, it involves risks and profits are almost never as big as we would like them to be.

What if i told you that you can make nice income from trading without stress, emotions and risks?

Yes, there is a way. You just need to move yourself on the other side of barricade.

Who is the only one who makes money on both winning and losing trades?

It is your broker. He takes spread fees no matter you win or lose. So why not to take some of their profits?

Become a partner with your broker and you can make money from trading even while you sleep.

Here is one example:

Social trading network eToro can pay you up to $350 per customer you refer. (you get paid once they collect $10 in spread fees from the customer).

So imagine you spend $1,000 per year on promoting etoro and you only manage to bring one new customer.
Your commissions would be $350.


You invested $1,000 and earned $350. That means you effectivelly earned 35% return on your investment.

Not bad, right?

How about another example.

Within course of one year you manage to refer three new customers and you earn $1,050 in commissions. That means you have more than doubled your initial investement.

Without taking any huge risks.

Which trading strategy can offer that?

However, these examples are really small. I believe you can refer more than 3 new customers per year.

How about 10 new customers? That is $3,500 in commissions. It is 250% return on investement if you spend all your initial money on advertising.

Speaking about that.

Actually, You do not have to spend a penny on advertising.
You can promote eToro without investing any money on advertising at all.

For example, you can write articles on your website or blog. You can promote on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can also create and publish videos on Youtube. Or you can just talk to your friends or other people offline.

If you do it right you can have the most profitable way to make money from trading. Think about that.

I hope you liked this tip and I wish you many commissions.