How much can I earn trading on Forex market?

Let face another question first: Can I make any money trading Forex? Well, altough they say only 5% of all forex traders is able to make any money at all, I can tell you that it is possible to make money on Forex market.

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Forex market is a beautiful opportunity to make some additional income or if you are able to stick with your trading system and forget about your ego, you can even make living on Forex market.

But you must have realistic expectations and forget any get rich quick marketing promises and systems. Internet is full of these offers promising you 20% + monthly returns.

Just pause for a while and think….

Let´s say you have 1,000€ trading capital. You buy automated trading software and expect to make 20% retun each month. If that was true, you would have 1 million euros in just 38 months! Cool, isn´t it?

But wait a minute, if you were a creator of such a system, would you bother selling it if you could be filthy rich very soon? I do not think so.

Can you make 1 million trading forex market? 

Sure you can! Best if you start with 10 millions 🙂

If you think that trading Forex is easy and you can get rich quick, forget about it. I have been trading Forex for 10 years and have seen many traders who were using these “proven” trading systems and at the end they end up losing all of their trading capital.

Forex is not a quick sprint or gambling where you can get rich after couple of trades. It is a marathon where you need to use your power (trading capital) wisely so you can last for many years.

How much can I earn trading on Forex market?

And we are back to our original question. My answer will dissapoint many of you, but my opinion is that being realistic, you can expect to earn somewhere between 10-30% p.a. One year you can make 50%, another you lose 20%, but if in average you are able to take home 10-30% yearly, you can be happy.

This is my personal experience, you might disagree. If you have other opinion and can prove it with at least 7 years trading record, I might change my mind.

Because I have seen many forex traders who were able to generate fantastic returns for one or two years, but then suddenly they lost all of their balance in one or two days because they were using risky trading systems.

But, if instead of trading slow and patiently you feel like risk some money to strike it big in one go, I suggest you to invest in some promising start up where you can generate 1,000% ROI.

Cool Start Up example:

sky waySkyway is a project of a new modern string transportation. It is able to reach 500km/h speed. This company is currently in pre-IPO state and so you are able to get their shares with a big discount. So even if you invest 500 or 1,000 USD today, you can make huge returns in couple of years.
Remember Google or Apple when they were beginning? This is a similar opportunity.
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