How I made 10% profit on Turkish Lira in 6 months


How I made 10% profit on Turkish Lira in 6 months?

6 months ago Turkish Lira moved sharply and created a very good opportunity for currency  carry trading.  Literally you could be making money overnight while you sleep just for holding your position. No mater where the pair moves.

Here is a short video explaining the trading opportunity I published in that time.

So I opened a short position on USDTRY pair at 6.63.

Now six month later I would like to show you how I made 10% profit on my investment just from etoro refunds.I would made those even if the USDTRY price moved nowhere.  This does not include my gains earned by turkish lira getting stronger against us dollar which are currently locked by my stop loss.

So here is a screenshot of one of my USDTRY positions opened on August 13th 2018. As you can see I have invested $50 at that time. On the bottom of the picture you see that my etoro refunds are $4,92 which is almost 10%.

usdtry profit

Not bad for 6 months period, right?

Even better when the currency pair has moved south and so far I was able to lock  additional 18% in profits.

As you can see, gaining Money on etoro is also possible this way. You only need to look for these opportunities. To check full list of etoro refunds for currency pairs click the link below.

I wish you many profitable trades

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