Losing Streak Probability In Trading

losing streak probability

In order to become a successful trader you need to understand losing streak probability. There is no such a system that will guarantee you 100% winning rate. Every single trader experience losing trades and losing streaks are inevitable.

In this video, professional trader and teacher Adam Khoo explains math behind losing streaks.

For example, did you know that if your trading system has win rate of 50% you can expect to experience a streak of 16 losing trades in a row?

If your trading strategy has win rate 40% you should expect to have 21 losing trades in a row.

If you have a better win rate, let´s say 60%, still somewhere in your trading career you will experience 12 losing trades in a row.

That is simply statistics and mathematics. So be prepared, do not lose your nerves when it happens, be patient because every losing streak ends eventually and then you can have a winning streak.

This is losing streak probability you need to count with. If you do so you will become a consistently profitable trader and markets will become your source of income.