How To Manage Losses In Forex Or Stock Market

Most of the forex or stock market traders are not winners because they do not know how to manage losses.
If they learn this skill they can become very profitable very fast.

So here is a video tutorial by professional trader Adam Khoo who will teach you how to manage losses in forex or stock market.

What you need to understand is that :

1. Losses are normal cost of doing trading business. They are part of this game
2. Do not focus on monetary value. Instead focus on R-multiples
3. Judge your trading success by process and not by immediate outcome
4. Risk only small percentage of your trading capital. This way you will avoid emotional pain.
5. Thing long term, not short term. Everything below 100 trades is just a small sample.

I believe that watching this video tutorial will help you to realize how to manage losses in Forex or stock market .