How To Get Copiers on eToro Fastest Way

how to get copiers etoroHow To Get Copiers on eToro?

Popular Investor Program on social investing network eToro is very popular and many forex traders join eToro only to become popular investors, attract tons of new copiers and earn additional monthly income from this attractive program.

But, acrueing new copiers is not as easy as it looks  at first sight.

You have to expose your etoro profile to as many members as possible. But how to do that?

Today, I am going to show you 2 different ways you can apply. Slow and Fast.

Slow Way To Get Copiers on eToro:


If you decide to do it slow way you´ll have to participate in as many discussions as posible, you will have to post interesting content on a daily bases an hope that it is good enough to attract new followers and that some of those followers will like your trading style and turn to be your copiers.

Honestly I have to say this is a hard job to do and it can take ages to get significant number of copiers.

Fast Way  To Get Copiers on eToro:

The best way tons of copiers on etoro is to get displayed on most visited place which is main page “Copy People” as you can see on screenshot below.

how to get copiesr etoro


The question is: “How to get displayed here?”

Well, all you just need adjust your trading strategy to pass eToro´s filter for one of these categories:

– top investors
– trending
– lower risk score
– medium risk score

to see criteria simly open each category and click “See More”

Example of filter list for Top Investors category:

how to get copiers etoro

In short, keep your risk score below 5, daily drawdown below 7%, weekly drawdown below 14%, achieve return between 5 and 80%, do not copy more than 20% of your investment and so on…

Once you match these criteria, you will be shown in Top Investors category.

If you are unable to match these criteria, no problem, you can go for a different category.

For example: Tranding Investors

Here is the filter list for Trending Investors category:

how to get copiers on etoro

This list is little bit different. For example, your risk can be up to 6, daily DD can be  up to 15%, also weekly DD can be higher.

You are not able to meet these criteria too?

There are still 2 more categories to go for: Lower Risk Score and Medium Risk Score. Check their filters on eToro website.

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“All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 
This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice”