Free Forex Training Course

Enroll my free forex training course and learn all I know about Forex trading 😉

free forex training course


About me:

My name is Marian Hlinka and I have already been studying and trading Forex for more than 10 years. Majority of that time I spent making trading mistakes and looking for a Holy Grail of forex trading.

Of course I wanted to find one that would bring me at least 50+% every year. I also used to be unpatient and emotionally unstable which resulted in losing money. But then, after years I realized what was important in forex trading, I found my calm and my trading strategy which is not as profitable as I wanted at the beginning, but now I can trade with peace of mind and achieve yearly profit between 5 to 25%.

If you are curious about my trading results, visit my statistics here.

My offer for you:

If you are interested in learning all I know, I offer you free forex training course in which I will guide you one on one via Skype.
I can teach you everything I know about forex, stock & commodities trading.

This is really a free forex training course, but I have one condition:

As I currently mainly trade on eToro network, to be eligible for my trading course you have to open your own eToro trading account, verify it, deposit at least $500 and copy my trades on my FreedomFund profile. When you are done, send me message from your eToro profile so we can start your training course.

Why do I require that?

If you do that as I said, I will receive a commission from eToro. That way I can teach you for free and you do not have to pay me anything.  Also you will have your own trading account on which you can practice everything you´ll learn from me.

So, that is my offer. I am looking forward in teaching you soon. But do not wait very long, because this course has limited entries 😉