These are all Forex Secrets you need to know

forex secrets

I have been learning and trading Forex for more than 10 years. As I look back it seems that time has passed by very quickly but I realize that I went a loooong way since I executed my first trade.

As many of you, at the beginning I was actively searching for all Forex secrets or if you like Forex Holy Grail that would help me multiply my trading account many times in a very short period of time.

Did I find Forex Holy Grail?

I will probably dissapoint you but I did not find any forex holy grail and now I believe that no such thing exists. So my advice for you is: Stop looking for a magic way to achieve the biggest forex ROI in one month or year. Better way to start is to learn how to become a good forex trader.

Once I stopped searching for forex secrets I have found these “10 holy trading commandments” that has helped me to become a profitable trader. Those are not any forex trading secrets, just a common trading wisdom I have learned during those long years. If you follow them you will be able to make money forex trading.

Did I become the most successful forex trader?

No, I am sure I did not. But that does not matter. Applying those tips I was able to protect my forex starting capital which is necessary for unlocking forex trading earning potential of your trading strategy.

Applying them I was able to grow my trading capital each year and believe me that power of compounding interest is really strong.

Last Words:

Instead of searching for hidden forex secrets focus on learning how to become a good forex trader. You do not need to double your trading account every single month or year. Even if your forex ROI is 10-20% p.a. you can consider it as a success.

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