Double Money Monthly With eToro Dividend Strategy

dividends strategy

How to double your money every month? Is it possible or not? Who would not like to double money each month?

Recently I have found one website explaining how to harvest dividends on social investing network eToro.
The author of the article says that by using dividends calendar you can earn dividends on eToro every single day and by doing so and investing only $600 per each trade and using some leverage you could earn 108% monthly, which would actually double your money every single month. Not bad, right?

For those who do not like to read long articles I have created a short five minutes video where you can learn more about this dividend earning strategy.

In theory, all you need to do is this:

1.  use dividend calendar to identify companies that pay dividends in next days
2. take the list and search if some of them are listed on eToro, because not all of them are available there
3. for those who are on eToro, open a buy position one day before dividend is paid
4. close the position next day after you receive dividend
5. repeat this process as often as you like

Sound good and easy, right?

Well, honestly I do not know, because during that one or two days stock price can fall more than you earn on dividend. On the other side, sometimes the stock price can raise and so you would get an additional profit.

I think I am going to test it myself.

If you decide to do so, good luck and let me know your comments on youtube below the video. I would really appreciate that.

Here is the source

“All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 
This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice”