Apply Casino Trading Strategy To Make Living From Stock Market

Always when I tell someone that I make living from stock market they look at me like I was crazy and ask me if trading is not gambling. They think that trading relies purely on luck.

And yes, I tell them that trading is gambling. But when you have an edge you can become a consistently profitable trader.

Imagine that casinos have about 5,4% edge which is enough for them to take money from players.  Of course, some players wins big but in the long run casino is always winner.

Watch this video by Adam Khoo, apply casino trading strategy and become a consistently profitable stock market trader.

The main problem with many aspiring traders is that even though they have a profitable trading strategy once they experience few losing trades in a row they start to doubt and tweak their trading system.

They do not understand that losing trades are part of the game, that no trader is 100% winner all the time.

In this video Adam Khoo will teach you how to be consistently profitable even if you are right only 50%. That means you can have 50 losing trades out of 100 and still can make profit or still you can make living from stock market.

Apply this casino trading strategy and you can make living from trading. Isn´t that cool?

Just watch the video and apply this strategy to your trading.