4 Quick Ways To Improve CTR in Google Adwords

Google Adwords Tips

If you are looking for answer to your question: How to improve CTR on Google Adwords, here are few tips that will help you increase your CTR (click through rate)

1) Relevance of your AD

This is very important factor for your click through rate. If your ad is not relevant to search terms users type when conducting their searches on Google, your CTR will be very low. Your ad copy has to catch their attention in a second, otherwise they will not click on your ad. You will have tons of impressions, but very few clicks and so your CTR will be low.

In order to increase adwords CTR, simply make sure your ads are super relevant to your keywords.

2) Your bid size

This is another important factor you must consider when thinking about improvement of your CTR. If your ad copy is appealing to google users, they can click-through to your website. But if your bid is very low, it is likely that google searchers will click on ads that are positioned higher.

Check your average ad positions and if you are not in top3 and can afford that, raise your bids. Ads positioned higher get more clicks, which also increases your click-through rate.

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3) Match types

If your goal is to improve CTR on your google campaign, one of the quickest ways to do that is to use only exact match keywords. Forget broad match. Of course you will get less traffic, but your keywords will be super relevant to searches of google users and thus your CTR will climb through the roof immediately.

4) Create more Ad Groups

This is one of my favourite ways to increase CTR in Google Adwords. Try to split your keywords to more ad groups.
By doing so you will be able to create more relevant ads to each set of keywords.


In your current ad group you have keywords like:

how to improve CTR
how to increase CTR
how to improve click through rate

If you create 2 separate ad groups, one for how to improve CTR and one for how to increase CTR, you can use both long tail keywords in your ad copies.

As mentioned in my first tip: Ad relevancy improves your click through rate, so by splitting your KWs to more adgroups you will achieve your goal.

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